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Our processes are vertically integrated, which allows us to have greater control over productivity, increasing speed, controlling quality and reducing time cycles for our clients, generating added value and giving us greater flexibility and agility in our response times.

Our Lean manufacturing culture)

At Creytex we are looking to continuously improve and achieve operational excellence. That is how we have transformed our organization towards the thoughts and philosophy of Lean Manufacturing, where our team focuses on the diminishing all types of waste, times and unnecessary procedures so as to increase the activities that generate added value.

The dedication we have towards training and empoweringof work force has allowed the development of a profile for our employees (multifunctional and multi-skilled workers) that focuses on constant improvement and doing activities that generate efficiency and differentiation. We create a work force that is integral, makes decisions and create innovative leaders.

Eliminating activities that do not generate added value has brought us into a flexible organization, with short manufacturing time cycles, focused on high quality and innovative products.

This means we have to give tools to our employees, in the shape of technical and social training. These tools can transform each member of the work force, through cross training, increase productivity through the removal of waste during the processes, bring focus to activities that generate added value, proactivity, responsibility and participation in all procedures.