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Business Model

We are an integral solution for our clients.
Three times a year we introduce them to a showroom designed exclusively to captivate each one, with the latest developments, trends, silhouettes, decoration techniques and dressmaking details.

The strengths we can offer our clients are:

Our company is made up of two business models, which are:

Full Package  

We develop full packages for well-known national and international brands that cover from the making of the fabric and initial prototype up to the pre-distributed dispatch to countries according to the requirements of each client or area.

Full package process:

  • Textile or fabric development, depending on client specifications, from 20 to 30 days.
  • lab dips, 8 to 10 days.
  • Prototype, 8 days.
  • Size sets, 8 days.
  • Sample sales, 60 days.
  • First production program, 75 to 90 days.

 Depending on the additional processes that the garment requires such as burn out, laundering or dye-sublimation, the time may vary.

Our Brands (Belife and Baby planet):


At Creytex we always want to go further, this is the reason Belife was born. A brand that strives to highlight the value of free time in the outdoor world, inspiring people to find their true passion and hobbies; through clothing, accessories and places that communicate the values and ideals of the brand.

A brand whose main objective is to strengthen the bond between parent and child through garments and accessories that tell stories full of magic and fun, immersing itself in a new world to discover and explore.